Where Can You Sell Your Fish Tank? – Selling a Used Aquarium

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Whether you are upgrading, replacing, or downsizing, selling an aquarium may feel like a daunting task! Where do you even start? Fortunately, there is a wide variety of marketplaces available for used goods.

This article will direct you to the best places to sell a used aquarium. Plus, keep reading for some helpful pricing and selling tips.

Sell Your Aquarium Online

This is the age of online business! Take advantage of the booming online marketplace to sell your aquarium.


eBay is the original online marketplace. There is even a ‘sell locally only’ option when you are setting up your auction. Your ad will reach a massive audience, and eBay is free to use.

However, eBay will take a percentage of your sale as a fee. You are also responsible for shipping and handling arrangements. eBay does offer shipping services, but there is a pretty hefty fee!

Reef2Reef Marketplace

Reef2Reef Marketplace is a large, online group for the purpose of fish and aquarium-related sales. There are multiple ads posted daily. You also have the option to give away any of your aquarium equipment for free!

Become a member of the forum before you post your items for sale. There are other similar forums for fish enthusiasts! Join them all to maximize your chances for a sale.

Aqua Swap Reddit Group

The Aqua Swap sub-reddit group offers aquarium-related classified ads. As of today, there are 50,000 members! This is a great way to reach a large audience. As with Reef2Reef, and eBay, you are responsible for shipping and handling.

Sell Your Aquarium Locally

A local sale eliminates the need for shipping and handling! Selling locally is optimal since a large aquarium will be costly and complicated to ship.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an online option where you can post items for sale locally. It’s free, has a huge audience, and is super easy to use. You will need to arrange a meeting with the buyer to exchange goods and payments.

Local Buy/Sell Groups

Check Facebook for other local buy/sell groups. There are often groups that are specific to aquariums and accessories.


Craigslist is another massive marketplace! Find your local area, list your item, then arrange payment and pickup. It is free and simple to use!

Offer Up

Offer Up is very similar to Craigslist. It is another locally organized online marketplace. Offer Up has in-app messaging, which makes communication a breeze! Offer Up is completely free unless you use their shipping services.

Local Aquarium Groups

Conduct a web search to find local fish stores or aquarium groups. Many of these groups will have forums where they may allow you to post items for sale. You can always go old school with a flier posted in local pet stores, as well!

Yard Sale

Yard sales are still a great way to sell your used items! Make sure to post about your yard sale on local Facebook groups, and put up signs. This is a great opportunity to get rid of any other unwanted items, as well.

How to Price Your Used Aquarium

New aquariums are definitely a costly investment! Unfortunately, used aquariums do not have a high resale value. In order to price your aquarium, you need to know how many gallons of water it holds. In the U.S. most used aquariums are sold according to volume by gallon.

If you don’t know the volume of your aquarium, here is a calculator to help you figure it out.

Resale Value for Glass Aquariums

The resale value for a glass aquarium that is under one year old is $2.00-$3.00 per gallon.

For tanks that are older than one year, the resale value is $1.00 per gallon. If you have a hexagon or bowfront aquarium, the value is around $1.50-$2.00 per gallon.

Resale Value for Acrylic Aquariums

The resale value for acrylic aquariums under one-year-old is $1.50-$2.00 per gallon. Older acrylic aquariums have a resale value of $1.00 per gallon. Hexagon and bowfront acrylic aquariums have a resale value of around $1.50-$2.00 per gallon.

Resale Value for Hoods and Tops

Glass tops and plastic hoods for aquariums should be priced around 25%-40% of the original retail value.

Resale Value for Accessories

Typically, the resale value for aquarium accessories is around 25% of the original value of the item.

Tips to Sell Your Aquarium Fast!

Clean it Up

Nobody wants to buy a crusty aquarium! Take everything apart and give it a good scrub.

Take Good Pictures

If you are posting your aquarium online, make sure you have good photos to add to your post. Check the lighting, get every angle, and make sure your photos are in focus.

Sell Everything Piece by Piece

It would be convenient if you could sell everything in your aquarium as a package to one buyer! However, this does not always happen. Often, your buyer will have some of their own aquarium pieces and accessories that they want to use.

Be willing to sell each piece separately. Not only will this attract a wide variety of buyers, but it may make you more money in the long run if you are willing to sell your aquarium and accessories piece by piece.

Take Advantage of Cross-posting

Post your items for sale everywhere! Spread your ads online, at the pet store, and in every forum. Generally speaking, the more eyes see your ads, the faster your items will sell!

Be Willing to Negotiate

Have a little wiggle room in your price. If you are too firm, you may never make a sale. Decide beforehand how much money you are willing to take for your aquarium.

Final Thoughts

It has never been easier to sell an aquarium! Post your item to as many forums as possible, follow these tips for pricing and selling, and your aquarium should be off your hands soon.

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