Fish Tank in Bedroom – Placement Ideas & Is It Recommended?

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Placing a fish tank in your bedroom will immediately change the aesthetic to a more calming environment. Studies have shown that gazing at fish can help lower stress levels and reduce blood pressure.

Ideas for Fish Tank Placement in Your Bedroom

There are some fantastic and original places where you can incorporate a fish tank into your bedroom:

The Traditional Fish Tank

Placing a fish tank on a table against your bedroom wall can add color and flair to your bedroom.

There are so many varieties available, like this one from Tetra. You can find the perfect option that will integrate with the design of your room.

The Headboard Aquarium

You can transform your headboard into a water wonderland. Imagine falling asleep with fishes calmly swimming over your head.

Not to mention how amazing it looks.

This option is not for the faint-hearted, though. It is a big statement and needs around 650 gallons of water to fill it! It also has to be custom-made. You can find unique designs here.

Convert Your Bedside Table into a Fish Tank

Incorporating a fish tank into your bedside table is killing two birds with one stone. You have surface space next to your bed as well as a magnificent decoration that catches the eye. These bedside tables do not need to be custom-made. You can find them online, like this one.

Fish Bowl Vase

If you want to be less extravagant, there are smaller, less prominent options you can choose.

The fish tank vase will be a perfect option for you. It’s small and easy to maintain and can be placed anywhere in your room as they come in free-standing and wall-mounted options like this one from Outgeek.

T.V. Fish Tank

Do you have an old box T.V. laying around that you don’t use anymore? Why not convert it into a fish tank for your room? Converting your T.V. is a great way to recycle, and it looks beautiful. Learn how to transform your outdated T.V. into a fish tank below.

Factors to Take into Consideration

Although adding a fish tank to your bedroom can be aesthetically pleasing, there are a few factors you need to be aware of before making your final decision.

Is Your Tank Too Big or Heavy for Your Bedroom?

This is more for bedrooms on the second floor, but still very relevant. Having a vast tank downstairs with solid flooring isn’t much of an issue.

If your bedroom is on the second landing of your home, the fish tank filled with water could break through your foundation. If your room is on the second landing, it might be better to opt for a smaller tank.

The Lighting

The brightness of your bedroom needs to be balanced to maintain good health for your fish. If you are a night person and have the lights burning throughout the night, it will affect your fish.

Fish need darkness to sleep, and if they have lights on 24/7, it could stress your fish out and possibly lead to death.


It is essential to be aware of how the maintenance will impact the location of your fish tank. Keep in mind that you will regularly need to clean your tank and empty it. Carrying buckets up and down the stairs or to the other side of your home will not be ideal.

What if your tank starts to leak? You do not want water streaming into your floorboards if you have wooden floors.

Chemicals and Odors

Spraying any aerosols in your bedroom would be a problem. Tiny droplets can be absorbed into your fish tank and could be harmful to your fish and even lead to their death.

The fish tank itself could omit nasty odors and release gases if not cleaned often enough. As your bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary, this would not be ideal.

Sound Pollution

While some people find the sound of the filtration systems in fish tanks relaxing, it might affect the tranquillity of your bedroom when you are trying to sleep.

If you like loud music or have a T.V. in your bedroom, you might rethink having a fish tank there. Loud noises can create a stressful environment for your fish and will be bad for their well-being.

For the Spiritual People – Fish Tanks & Feng Shui

Feng shui was designed to create environments that improve your health and well-being. Bedrooms are supposed to be tranquil and calm to achieve deep, healing sleep.

While sleeping, you are influenced by the energy around you, so you must attract good energy to nurture your spirit while awake and while asleep.

Water represents the flow of life and growth. The movement and sounds of the water flowing throughout the tank trigger and expands the positive energy of the space, which is believed to bring good fortune, wealth, and abundance.

Are Fish Tanks Good Feng Shui?

There are five Feng Shui elements, and a fish tank can give off well-balanced energy. The five elements are:


The water element is the water flowing inside the tank.


The wood element is the plants inside the tank.


The metal element is the frames of your tank


The earth elements are the rocks and gravel in your tank.


The fire element is the bright colors of your fish and lighting.

Fish tanks give off powerful and energetic energy caused by the continual movement of the water, fish, and plants.

In Feng Shui, fish tanks are believed to bring you wealth and abundance, so the best area for a fish tank would be in the southeast corner of your home or office, which is seen as your money area.

Certain fish are believed to be more effective in attracting better Feng Shui energy compared to other fish. Koi, goldfish, and arowanas are some examples.

To achieve the most impactful Feng Shui in your home, you should be aware that not all rooms are suitable for a fish tank.

Fish Tanks in the Bedroom are Considered Bad Feng Shui

If you want powerful Feng Shui in your bedroom, it is imperative that you do not amplify the water element. You can achieve the water element with mirrors, images of water, blue decor, or paint.

The constant water movement, fish, and plants can bring worrying or grievous energy to your bedroom. It is also said that if the water element overpowers the fire element, it can impact your relationship in a negative way. The fire element is supposed to make your room more sensual and increase honest communication between partners.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to incorporate a fish tank into your bedroom. If you are willing to put in the hard work it takes to maintain it, why not? It will be a beautiful and calming feature for your room.

If you are a more spiritual person and want good Feng Shui in your home, you should not have a fish tank in your room. Decorate your room with blue tones and mirrors instead. Place your fish tank in the southeast corner of your office or living space instead.

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