Best Outdoor Dog Baths – Showers & Washing Stations

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There are many reasons to look for the best outdoor dog baths. But, if I'm honest, the main one is to make grooming more comfortable for your dog and yourself. Save yourself the mess, clean your dog more often, and help it maintain a healthy coat and skin.

Depending on your outdoor conditions, many things can help you clean your dog more often. Both showers and washing stations are available, and each one can have their unique perks. Check out the following models to see what I’m talking about.

Top 7 Best Outdoor Dog Baths

Although this is an article about outdoor dog baths, this indoor/outdoor tool is too good to pass on. The gadget features both indoor and outdoor adapters, so there’s no excuse not to keep your pet clean.

The ergonomic design benefits both dog and owner and makes it easier to control a large breed dog. It’s lightweight thanks to its slim build, and it’s also flexible.

I like the nozzle pattern. It helps minimize the amount of side spraying and thus save some water. It should also speed up the bathing process. If your dog is usually anxious, this may be just the thing it needs.

Another great thing about it is the lifetime warranty. Although unlikely to break or rip due to its build quality, the Bathing Scrubber can very well be a one-time investment for all your pet bathing needs.

Last but not least, you should know that the Bathing Scrubber will fit all hand sizes. That’s because it features an adjustable strap with multiple hooking points.

  • Flexible, durable build
  • Check Circle
    One size fits all
  • Check Circle
    Indoor and outdoor connectors
  • Check Circle
    Narrow spraying pattern
  • The water flow is on the weaker side

The Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bath is a quick-snap tub, and it’s effortless to assemble. It has four plastic legs for improved stability and a leash and collar with three anchor points. That should give you enough leverage against your dog while you bathe him.

Although it may not look too impressive, the tub does have a 125lbs weight capacity. It should be enough for small, medium, and some large breeds. Of course, if your dog is anxious and squirms a lot, the bath may not hold as well.

There’s also an innovative drain system. It helps get rid of dirty water while you’re washing, and it prevents excess splashing.

The dimensions are as follows: 45”x21.25”x15”. Of that, the legs alone are 19” tall. I find this tall enough to make washing your dog a more comfortable experience. And, with the 20” entrance, it shouldn’t be too hard to train your dog to get in on its own.

  • Simple setup
  • Check Circle
    Drain hose included
  • Check Circle
    Leash and collar included
  • Check Circle
    360 degrees access for the owner
  • Not durable enough for very large breeds

You can connect the Waterpik PPR 252 attachment directly to your standard garden hose. This way, it’s easy, quick, and you don’t have to worry about any mess inside your house.

The wand shape of the PPR 252 gives excellent coverage. It makes short work of small breeds and also helps wash large breeds very fast. The attachment is lightweight and ergonomic. You can use it with just one hand and have the other free for scrubbing.

The narrow spray pattern is a convenient perk too. While there’s no way to change the spray pattern, you can adjust the water flow. You can do this by turning the dial located just above the wand’s rubber grip.

I also like the addition of a storage hook, which makes it easy to store the wand off the ground.

  • Indoor and outdoor adapters included
  • Check Circle
    Narrow spray pattern
  • Check Circle
    Adjustable water flow
  • Check Circle
    Ergonomic design and rubber grip
  • Not the highest quality construction

If you’re looking for a professional-grade bathing station for your dog, this PawBest tub may be for you. It’s a massive tub made for harsh weather conditions, and it has a high weight capacity. It even has a ramp that allows dogs to get in and out with ease.

Although PawBest includes a 6” faucet sprayer, the tub’s connections are compatible with 4”, 6”, and 8” faucets. There’s also a grooming arm that features two loops and overhead design.

An anti-slip mat, drain, and a hair trap are also in the package to help keep the tub clean and prevent clogging. I like that you can easily wash two dogs at the same time, at least small and medium breeds. Furthermore, there are two leash anchor points at each side of the tub.

That, and the fact that the overhead arm is long enough, will allow you to wash both your dogs at the same time. It will also save you plenty of time on grooming.

  • Watertight seals
  • Check Circle
    Room for two dogs
  • Check Circle
    Long overhead grooming arm
  • Check Circle
    Compatible with multiple faucet connections
  • The locking ramp mechanism is not ideal

Although initially designed for indoor use, you can use this sprayer glove with your garden hose as well. But, unlike most hand sprayers, this one has some extra perks. First of all, it has a neat spring around the hose to boost its durability.

Secondly, around the nozzles and all the way up towards the fingertips, the glove features rows of soft massaging brush tips. I also like the inclusion of a small water flow control switch. It’s not the best money can buy, but it can help adjust the water flow depending on your dog’s coat.

You can use the wrist strap to make sure that the glove won’t come off, even when using maximum water pressure. It also helps scrub and groom your dog with more confidence.

I will say that the glove may not suit everyone equally well. Based on its design and limited finger room, it may not fit you if you have large hands or long fingers. Note that this shower glove may not work on your standard garden hose without an aftermarket adapter.

  • Soft 12mm silicone brush
  • Check Circle
    Natural and comfortable feel
  • Check Circle
    Less intimidating for dogs
  • Check Circle
    Water flow adjuster included
  • Garden hose adapter not included

This tub comes in two colors, white and blue. It’s not the biggest tub at 37.5”x19.5”x35.5” (LWH). But it does have a 150lbs weight capacity, which should be enough even for some large breeds.

The basin itself is heavy-duty plastic, but not the most rugged construction. That said, I like that the legs are both adjustable in height and made of stainless steel. They’re robust and adaptable.

Due to the basin’s design, you’ll get 360 degrees access. It should help if your dog’s a squirmer or anxious when groomed.

At the small end of the tub, you’ll notice three anchor rings. They should help get a more reliable hold on your dog while washing. And, the drain at the other end can help to dispose of the dirty water quickly. Unfortunately, a drain hose is not included, so make sure you position the tub somewhere where dirty water runoff won’t be an issue.

  • No opening to allow dogs to get out easy
  • Check Circle
    Three leash anchor points
  • Check Circle
  • Check Circle
    Durable stainless steel legs
  • Drainage hose not included

You can use the Zacro Foldable Large Dog Pool for leisure and grooming. It’s a great dog bath that can double as a cooling area for your canine in the summer.

The pool has a diameter of 47”, which in my opinion should be enough even for larger breeds. And, the 11.8” height seems enough to control small and medium breeds. One of the coolest features is how it folds. Each wall segment collapses over the adjacent one, much like how an accordion looks.

The pool features a reinforced bottom, and the walls are scratch-resistant PVC. Along with the extra thickness, these features make the pool highly durable, even under extreme weather conditions.

I like that you can take it with you on the road so that you don’t have to skip the regular grooming sessions. And, because it also features a drainage hole, you can fill it up and drain it with ease. That’s as long as your garden hose adapter fits.

  • Check Circle
    Large, multipurpose pool
  • Check Circle
    Easy to fill and drain
  • Check Circle
    Very durable base and walls
  • Check Circle
    Sufficient room for large breeds
  • Sharp claws may still damage it

Why You Need to Wash Your Dog Outside

For most people, it’s just a matter of keeping the mess outside. Using the bathtub is usually convenient as long as you don’t get the whole house dirty before you get your dog in the tub.

Using an outdoor washing station or hose keeps things neater. And, your dog may even enjoy it more.

Types of Washing and Grooming Accessories and Tools

Many gadgets and accessories allow you to wash your dog outside. However, there are only two types that make it considerably easier to clean your pet from head to tail.

The easiest one to use is a shower wand or glove accessory. Provided that it has the right adapter or that you don’t forget to buy one, you can use these washers as you would a shower faucet extension.

Connect it to your garden hose or wall faucet and start spraying your dog. Usually, these can save water, penetrate thick coats, and get the job done faster than your average showerhead.

You can also choose to get a dog-friendly bathtub or washing station. Whether it’s a human-like basin design or a big enclosure with waterproof seals, the choice is yours.

Depending on your budget and how big the unit is, there are plenty of options out there. I do recommend a large tub to be honest. But, if you have a very large dog, then it may be easier to control it yourself than relying on the stability of an elevated dog washing station.

Features to Look for

Most wands are very simple. They come with a medium-to-long hose, and maybe a switch or dial to adjust the water flow. A narrow spray pattern can take care of short coats, thick coats, curly coats, and pretty much everything else.

However, wands only shoot water at your dog’s coat. I sometimes prefer other handheld grooming tools, particularly those that combine a brush and spray nozzles.

I recommend this type of accessory for anyone that has an anxious dog or a dog with a fear of water. This way, you’ll be able to wash and scrub your dog with one hand and use the other one to comfort him or to improve your grip and control him.

How Durable Should a Bathtub Be?

Even when filled with some water, the interior walls of a bathtub can still be damaged. Sometimes no matter how much trimming you do beforehand, an anxious dog can carve a masterpiece into a plastic tub.

If you can, I recommend you consider stainless steel for tubs or very thick PVC, over anything else. Besides, a stainless steel washing station enclosure is also more sanitary and weatherproof. So, you won’t have to worry as much about storage.

How Expensive Are the Best Outdoor Dog Baths?

Compared to the average monthly cost of dog grooming, most dog shower attachments and tub enclosures should be cheaper. That means that in the long run, getting one is worth every penny.

That’s especially true if you have the luxury of living somewhere where you can take your dog out and wash him there.

There’s No Reason You Can’t Make Grooming Pleasant

By using any of the best outdoor dog baths listed in this article, you’ll cut your grooming time in half. Not to mention all the mess that you won’t be making in your bathroom anymore.

Once you understand how affordable these accessories are, compared to a professional grooming appointment, you’ll think twice before you let someone else handle your dog’s coat.

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