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About PetsNerd

At PetsNerd, our goal is not just to make you better informed about your favorite pets, but to also make you a better mom/dad for your beloved pets.

Patrice Alsteen
Chief Editor

PetsNerd is geared towards:

  • Cat Parents
  • Dog Parents
  • Fish Parents
  • Bird Parents
  • Small Pets Parents

The PetsNerd team consists of several pet loving bloggers who love to document their playful lives that they spend with their lovely pets. No matter if it's a cat that you can't take your eyes off or the super cute dog that you came across the other day, at PetsNerd, you'll find a ton of pet-related information that'll encourage you to get a pet, as well as maintain and care for your pet well.

PetsNerd is full of helpful articles on various pet topics, no matter if you're looking for some guidance to make the lives of your canine, feline or aquatic friends better (we don't cover reptiles yet, but we'll let you know when we do!).

The next time you want the best dog food suggestions, or looking for advice regarding whether you should (or shouldn't) declaw your cat, or maybe if you need natural plants in your aquarium,  you know where you can get all your answers!

Until next time, have fun exploring our site!